How Should You Prepare For Movers?

The moving process can be a stressful time for anyone. You need to have all of your belongings packed up, as well as find someone reputable to move you from point A to point B, like Mountain Movers US.

It’s not an easy feat by any means, but it’s something that needs to happen if you’re looking for a new home or just want some change in life.

In this blog post, we will discuss what steps should be taken before movers arrive at your door and how you can prepare for the big day!

Purchase Packing Supplies

Unless you’re purchasing packing supplies directly from your moving company, it’s a good idea to stock up on boxes, bubble wrap, and assorted other packing materials. You should also have at least one Sharpie marker and some strong tape at the ready before moving day.

Clean and Organize Your Home

Preparing for your move can be overwhelming. Having a clean, organized home will help a lot.

Set a daily goal to tackle one room a day before the big move. This way, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done in advance.

Clean out your drawers and closet, and donate any items that you won’t wear again.

Pack a Suitcase Full of Essentials

When moving it’s always a good idea to pack a suitcase like you’re going out of town for a few days. A lot of times you won’t be able to immediately find your clothes and personal hygiene items since you’ll have so many boxes to go through. Bring some basics in a suitcase and you’ll be set to go!

Keep Track of Important Paperwork

It’s important to keep track of any documentation that you need from your current home. This includes things like car titles, contracts for utilities and subscriptions, social security cards, and other documents you will use on a daily basis at work or in school.

Organize Your Packing List

Once again it’s not an easy task packing up everything you own so make the process as manageable as possible with an organized list! You should split them into categories such as kitchen items, clothes, entertainment equipment etc. It’s also important to label each box appropriately so when they get unpacked there won’t be any confusion about what goes where.

Coordinate With Movers Before They Arrive

Make sure all movers have your current address and are aware of any changes in the route. Double-check that all your furniture is labeled, as well as what rooms they should be put into.

Have a Plan For Your Kids And Pets

Moving day will be stressful enough. The last thing you’ll want to have is your kids screaming at you wanting attention or your dog running out the front door when it’s left open. It’s best to find a friend or family to take them while the move is in progress.

If that isn’t possible, you should do some research on how you can keep your kids happy and distracted while the movers are there. There will be a lot of noise, so try playing games with them or turning up the music in another room!

Ask For Help When You Need It

If you feel overwhelmed by everything then don’t hesitate to ask others for help! The more hands-on-deck, the smoother the process will go.

Ask friends or family to help with packing your belongings before you move in order to give yourself a break from such an intense task!

Mountain Movers US is Here To Help

Regardless if you’re looking for movers in Somerville MA or anywhere around Boston or Orlando, FL, If you have any questions leading up to your move, we’re here to help. Contact us today to ask us your questions or to get a free quote!